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Le stage de Prana Vidya

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Prana Vidya is first and foremost an advanced tantric meditation. Along with other tantric meditations such as Kriya Yoga and Antar Mauna, the main purpose of Prana Vidya is self-realization. Prana Vidya, however, is a powerful method for healing.

Les nadi
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Prana, vital energy, is the life force behind everything in the universe. Vidya means knowledge.

Prana Vidya is a part of the yearly 3-Month Sadhana Course and now also the main practice of the 10 day Prana Vidya Course in May/June.

The conditions for participating in the yearly Prana Vidya Summer Course is that you have been on a 10 day course or longer at Haa Course Center, that you have practised on a regular basis, especially Ajapa Japa and Antar Mauna, preferably half a year or more. Even better if you have been initiated into Kriya Yoga at Haa. The better you are prepared through some of these practices the more it will enhance the benefits of the Prana Vidya process.

The Prana Vidya we teach is the method Swami Janakananda received from Swami Satyananda when living with him in the late 1960's. According to the tradition it is taught under retreat conditions and as a sequence that consists of 12 parts. The teacher of Prana Vidya on the 10 day course is Ma Sita Savitri.

The daily schedule of the Prana Vidya course is similar to the schedule of the other courses at Haa Course Center. Besides Prana Vidya the course also includes asana, pranayama, mudra/bandha, yoga nidra, meditation, karma yoga, chanting and a lecture or two. The period of silence on this course is 4½ days, during which you learn the finer parts of Prana Vidya.


During the practice you may use any comfortable pose, lying or sitting, as long as you can keep the spine straight.

The method is based on the psychic breath (ujjayi pranayama) and different visualizations, in a continuous meditative process. You will be working with flows of prana in your body.

Tantra is the wholistic science of the human being. It aims at discovering and understanding reality, inner as well as outer - through experience. Prana Vidya offers an important aspect of that discovery; deep insight into the dimension of Prana and the ability to utilize life energy for the benefit of yourself and others.

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